Recording racial and gender diversity in architecture

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About Us


Architectural history is manifestly missing female architects of colour. Whilst the US has lots of data on this, in the UK we have only been recording data on race for 10 years.  As such we do not know who many of our pioneers were. Who for example was the first Black female Architect? The XXAOC project wants to learn from the US and fill in some of these blanks.  Founded by Architect and Filmmaker, Sarah Akigbogun, we aim to work with other groups who share this mission to achieve this goal .


...So we're starting a crowdsourced, online database to record the work of these women.  Later this year we'll also be making a film and as we complete the research necessary to make that film we will update this site with our findings and profiles of the people and organisations we come across. 

We hope to create a site that can be an resource for anyone interested in this topic and feed into the work that others are doing in this area.

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We'd love to hear from you.  If you have information that might help our project, or if you can recommend someone for us to include in the film.

A great way to engage with us is on on Twitter.  You can also drop us a line.

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